30 Under 30:

Joe C. Klug,

Scenic Designer

"In celebration of LDI’s 30th anniversary—1988-2018—Live Design gives a shout out to 30 Under 30..."


Less is More...

...Or Less Is Less: The Balancing Act Of Designing Big Musicals In Small Spaces


Joe C. Klug, 2020 USITT Rising Star Winner

"One of Live Design’s hand-picked “30 Under 30” last year, scenic designer Joe C. Klug now has one more feather in his cap..."


"While I know that this is a show routinely performed on huge stages, Joe Klug’s incredibly intelligent set design and director/choreographer Valerie Rachelle’s superb staging make Oregon Cabaret Theatre’s petite stage look like the perfect home for the Greek taverna that Donna and Sophie call home. The colors and feel of the set immediately evoke the Greek vibe, and small painted details throughout make the world absolutely come alive. The only thing missing is a gentle Mediterranean breeze."   

- Theatre in Oregon ("Mamma Mia")

"t’s a dazzling production, from its creatively and beautifully designed set to its incredible choreography — especially in “Voulez You” — and fun costuming, highlighted by some delightfully outlandish outfits for the three “dads” in a finale that struts, prances in a whip-up-the-audience frenzy. The blend is delicious. Rachelle and her team have created a show that, along with its raw emotional power, is also sexy, seductive, silly and fun. And, for anyone who loves ‘80s era golden oldies, the music is magic."

-Harold News ("Mamma Mia")

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